• Virginia House Joint Resolution 527 Passed by General Assembly – Goes to Governor for Signature

House Joint Resolution 527 calls for a study exploring options for phasing out the propagation and sale of invasive plants in Virginia’s horticultural industry. Examples include English Ivy, Japanese barberry, Japanese pachysandra, Chinese wisteria, burning bush, Chinese silvergrass, privet, Callery pear, etc.  The study group, which will include representatives from the nursery and landscaping industry, state agencies, and environmental groups such as the Virginia Native Plant Society, will produce a report of their recommendations and findings.  This is a big step forward in the fight against invasive plants!

  • Virginia’s Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Zone to Expand Spotted Lanternfly

In mid-March, Virginia’s spotted lanternfly quarantine expands  to include Clarke and Warren Counties. Frederick County and the city of Winchester are already under a SLF quarantine. Though they will not be included in the quarantine expansion, small spotted lanternflly populations have been identified in Shenandoah County, Page County, and Augusta County.  If you travel to that area of Virginia, make sure you don’t bring home any unwanted hitchhikers and check for spotted lanternfly egg masses.